АВО Adsopak®

АВО Adsopak®

ABO Adsopak® columns are designed for elimination of antibodies against blood group antigens according to the AB0 system from the blood plasma of patients before and after AB0 incompatible organ transplantation during therapeutic extracorporeal apheresis procedure.

АВО Adsopak® columns are in conformity with the relevant provisions of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC, Annex II and EN ISO 13485:2016

Therapeutic indications

The indications for using ABO Adsopak® columns include

blood type incompatibility of donor and recipient in organ transplantation.

red cell aplasia after bone marrow transplantation in patients with acute myeloblastic leucosis

Theoretical background for application

AB0 compatibility of donor and recipient is one of the main conditions for successful organ transplantation. A and B antigens, i.e. blood type antigens, are expressed on the surface of almost all cells of the organism.

According to the Landsteiner law, anti-A and anti-B antibodies are circulating in the blood of every human regardless of the presence of blood type antigens. In the majority of people antibodies against AB0 antigens are produced throughout life as a result of the human immune system contacting with the environment. If there is a high titer of antibodies in the recipient blood serum, they induce the process of transplant rejection. To provide graft survival, anti-A/B antibodies have to be removed to the minimal level (titer reduction). The methods of extracorporeal therapy allow an effective elimination of antigroup antibodies from the patient’s bloodstream. Anti-A/B antibodies belong to class G and M immunoglobulins. However their blood concentration is minuscule and account for less than a ten thousandth of the total immunoglobulin level. Therefore the usage of methods reducing the concentration of total immunoglobulins is unnecessary. The application of specific sorbents is the most efficient and safe method.


The columns are released in plastic cases of 150 and 300 mL in volume. The column specificity is provided by sorbents, i.e. active ingredients. Sorbents are an inert polysaccharide matrix containing immobilized synthetic oligosaccharide conjugates imitating blood group antigens. ABO Adsopak®–A and ABO Adsopak®–B columns are respectively specific to A and B blood group antibodies. The sorbent of ABO Adsopak®–AB column is a mixture of anti-A and anti-B sorbents in the equal proportions.


Type of plasmaseparator — membrane / centrifugal
Multiple-use — 20 procedures
Shelf-Life — 2 years


Models Sorbent volume
ABO Adsopak®-А150 150 ml
ABO Adsopak®-В150 150 ml
ABO Adsopak®-А300 300 ml
ABO Adsopak®-В300 300 ml
ABO Adsopak®-АВ300 300 ml