XPS Disposable Lung Kit™

XPS Disposable Lung Kit™

Convenient, reliable, sterile accessories

The XPS Disposable Lung Kit™ contains specially developed disposables and pre-packed products to suit your needs and requirement for sterility. The products in our disposable kit have produced by carefully selected suppliers, packaged and sterilized for your convenience.

Convenient to order and easy to connect
The pre-packed kit contains all the necessary components and tubing to run one normothermic EVLP procedure on the XPS™*.

  • Disposables for connecting the lungs to the perfusion circuit
  • STEEN Solution™
  • XVIVO Organ Chamber™
  • XVIVO Lung Cannula Set™
  • XVIVO PGM Disposable Sensors™


  • Pre-packed products
  • Selected products from leading suppliers
  • Enabling quick and easy set-up
  • in-line gas trending made easy

Selected from leading suppliers

The pre-packed kit contains all the necessary perfusion products and provides the aseptic interface between the XPS™ and the ex vivo lung. The sterile circuit includes Quadrox iR integrated centrifugal pump head/oxygenator and heat exchange membrane, pediatric hard-shell reservoir, Pall leucocyte filter, tubing and priming loop, gas sensor quick connectors and a 500 mL soft drain reservoir.

Other components included in the pre-packed kit are; pressure sensor line, fluid level sensor, cannulas, bacterial/viral filter, ventilator flow sensor, Coaxial breathing circuit with flow sensor and sterile drape.

In-line gas trending the easy way

XVIVO PGM Disposable Senors™ provides in-line, easily calibrated trending of the perfusate. The senors are single-used, disposable in-line sensors intended to be used with the XPS™ to trend the pH and dissolved pO2 gases in STEEN Solution™ during ex vivo evaluation.

The XVIVO PGM Disposable Sensors™ come pre-calibrated to STEEN Solution™ directly out of the package.

Clinically proven solution

STEEN Solution™ is a buffered extracellular solution that includes human albumin to provide an optimal colloid osmotic pressure, and dextran 40 to coat and protect the endothelium from excessive leucocyte interaction. STEEN Solution™ is designed to facilitate prolonged evaluation and promote stability of isolated lungs ex vivo.

XVIVO Organ Chamber™ is a single-use, sterile disposable container designed to aseptically hold the lungs during the perfusion.

To order:

  • Europe: REF 19091
  • US: REF 19092
  • Australia: REF 19093


  • XVIVO Organ Chamber™
  • XVIVO PGM Disposable Sensors™
  • XVIVO Disposable Lung Perfusion Circuit™
  • STEEN Solution™
  • Coaxial breathing circuit with ventilator flow sensor
  • XVIVO Lung Cannula Set™
  • Fluid level sensor
  • Sterile “U” drape
  • Humidifying bacterial/viral filter
  • Pressure sensors with connection lines for PA and LA pressure monitoring

Storage: All parts of the kit apart from STEEN Solution™ shall be stored at room temperature. STEEN Solution™ shall be stored dark at +2 to + 8oC in an upright position.
Intended Use: The pre-packed kit contains all the necessary components and tubing to run one normothermic EVLP procedure on the XPS™.

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*In the US, this device is indicated for use in flushing and temporary continuous normothermic machine perfusion of initially unacceptable excised donor lungs during which time the ex vivo function of the lungs can be reassessed for transplantation.